Wooden-Ships Sweater

Happy Sunday, y’all! Today I’m sharing one of the coolest brands I’ve had the honor of partnering with. When I first heard of Wooden-Ships, I only knew that they made THE cutest sweaters. They’re known for these thin sweaters that are ideal for cool summer nights on the beach or bonfires during the fall. Keep reading to find out how they’re so much more than sweaters.
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What I didn’t know about Wooden-Ships is that their company has a huge heart for helping the environment. They were founded in 1992 after an inspirational visit to Bali, and they are still located there today. They’re a family-run, family-owned company who claims an obsession with attention to detail, quality, and customer service. The coolest part? They make every sweater to order. They believe in a “no waste” approach, so they don’t have to dump excess inventory that they don’t end up selling – they only make what they’re going to sell.
The founders of this company, Paola and Mark, value happy customers so much, that they even have an email folder where they keep each message that contains the word “wow”.
They treat their employees in Bali so well, and they even provide them with free healthcare. In addition to that, Wooden-Ships has also been able to donate to MANY causes that are dear to their heart. A few would include EarthJustice, Sea Shepherd International, Avaaz, Organic Consumers Organization, International Anti-Poaching Foundation, the Environmental Defense Fund, International Rescue Committee, Naral and WildAid.
They were also able to participate in a program to help orangutans and the rain forest in Indonesia. They raised $1 million to buy a 389-acre piece of rainforest and save 700 endangered orangutans, which was originally why they came to Bali in the first place. They’re so awesome.
It’s rare that you find a clothing brand with such a mission. I’m proud to be partnering with them for this blog post!
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Shout out to the best photographer ever – my husband!