Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s LOVE day ♥ ♥ ♥

This is our first married Valentine’s Day, so I decided to write 10 things I love about Michael!

Our friend, Abbie, did this Valentine’s shoot for us and I’m absolutely OBSESSED with how they turned out. My exact dress is here, and comes in several colors!


  1. He is, by far, the funniest person I’ve ever met. From the moment I first had a conversation with him via FaceTime, I had a huge crush because of that! 🤣
  2. He has the biggest heart – he’s always cautious to not hurt anyone’s feelings or disappoint anyone. He says yes to almost anything that’s asked of him without hesitation. Even if he doesn’t exactly know how to do what you asked, he’s not going to say no! He will always try first.
  3. He’s steady. He’s the first guy I ever dated who just straight up was like, “I like you, you like me, we’re together now” and that’s it — no games. He has always been a constant for me, someone I can always depend on. He shows me he loves me daily so I never have to guess and I’m never uncertain.
  4. He is so patient. His patience was something that really humbled me when we first met. I have never met someone so easy-going.
  5. He is slow to anger, and the rare times he does get angry, it lasts about a minute. He’s a big peacemaker. We really don’t argue much, but when we do, he is never ugly. He never loses his temper or is unkind. He does not hold a grudge, ever! I learn so much from him, haha!
  6. He’s FUN. He loves to try new things (like learning how to make sushi at home by watching YouTube videos LOL) and he is never boring.  He always says yes when I ask to dance, too!
  7. I love his taste in music — if he sends me a new song he wants me to listen to, I always know it’s going to be good before I even listen. He also likes love songs which makes me happy. I remember when we met, I was really into a song called Bright (which is kind of a cheesy/sweet song) and I played it in the car with him and he knew the words! (Michael: sorry if you get made fun of for that. I don’t know if your friends read my blog! Lol)
  8. He’s HOT, duh!!! 😍
  9. The way he fits into my family perfectly — my parents adore him! Vice versa with his family, too. We’ve all kinda meshed into one big family now! He is intentional in making sure everyone feels included and it’s really sweet!
  10. He’s my very best friend. Truly, he’s the one I can be my complete self with and never have to hide anything. He knows more about me than anyone on this earth! He makes me feel important and loved every day and I am so thankful for him!

Tonight we are having romantic movie night at home, right after a quick trip to the nearby movie theater to buy fresh popcorn and take it home with us! I hope you all have an amazing Valentine with your hunny, or your gal pals, or whoever you’re with! XOXO

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