My Current Makeup Products!

I know we’re probably all getting a little stir crazy or unsettled because of being stuck at home, so I thought I’d share something fun to get our minds off of things! All of this free time has me really getting into makeup – I’ve been playing around with it and trying new things in my routine!

Today I’m sharing my full makeup routine! I’ve shared it on my stories/IGTV before, but never in a full blog post. I find these helpful because if you’re ever wondering about something, you can easily come back to it here!

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First things first: I struggled with acne SO BAD when I was in middle/high school/college. Sophomore year of college I did Acutane for 6 months and it was brutal – but it has helped my skin! I still have breakouts but it isn’t nearly as bad and it clears up way quicker. One thing I learned a few years ago when I was getting my makeup done at the mall (lol) was that you HAVE to moisturize. Your skin will overproduce oil if you aren’t giving it the moisture it needs — I always tell Michael my skin is thirsty! Haha I use this moisturizer and I swear by it. When I was on Acutane I had to drench myself in moisturizer (it dries you out BAD) and these one was really good and plain. My skin is also sensitive so I like really plain skincare products! I use this facewash, too! Have used it for years.

I start with a primer: Lately I’ve been using this one that actually doubles as setting spray! So you spray it on before your makeup and then spray it again at the end to set everything. I like it okay, but I LOVE this primer. It’s seriously sooo good. I ran out and when I went to pick some up they were out, so I grabbed what I’m using now, but I’m dying to get my hands on the one that I love again! It makes your makeup go on so well.

I also use this primer on top of the spray version. It helps my makeup go on smoothly since the spray version is very lightweight. I don’t like this one on my skin without the spray first though! I only like them as a combo.

Now for foundation: I use a damp beauty blender to apply it — I used to think getting it damp didn’t really matter but once I tried it I hate using a dry beauty blender now! It really helps to get it damp! I’ve used this foundation for years and years and I love it. It’s really great coverage. I did recently try this one to see if the hype was worth it, and it is! I’ve actually switched to it for the time being and have been really happy with it! Both are in a similar price range and very similar foundations. I’m in the shade ‘Desert’.

Concealer: I have found the holy grail of concealer – I am obsessedddd with this one! It’s cute because it’s made to look like a pencil eraser but it literally blurs your skin and makes it look perfect. I found it because of my eyebrow girl – when I get my eyebrows done they are SO red afterwards and she used this on me and you couldn’t even tell I had gotten them done. It’s magical.

Powder: I use this loose powder all over to set my makeup! I’m in the shade ’20 Light/Medium’. I use this translucent one to set my concealer.

Bronzer: I use this bronzer and LOVE IT. I use this brush for bronzer. It’s so cool because it’s retractable – you can make the brush as big or small as you need to be precise!

Eyebrows: I use this eyebrow palette – I have been using it for a long time and it has lasted forever! I use the shade “soft brown”.

Eyes: I am obsessed with my Morphe palette! I use these brushes with it. I normally stick with the same few colors – you can see which ones in my IGTV if you watch my Get Ready With Me! This palette is a really good basic one for every day use, with a few shimmer shades to spice it up for a glam look.

Eyeliner: Love love love this eyeliner. It’s perfect for achieving the winged look, and doesn’t rub off on my lids!

Mascara: I SWEAR by this mascara – so does my mom – we’ve used it for YEARS and I’ll never switch to anything else!

Lip: This is my lip combo – liner and lipstick. They pair really well together! ***updated*** THIS is my new favorite lipstick!

Setting spray: This is my favorite setting spray right now!

All done! If you made it this far in the post, you’re a true friend! Thanks for reading – now go get glam! 🤩