My Updated Skincare Routine

Okay, I’ll be the first to say I’m no skincare guru. I’ve struggled with BAD acne for most of my life, but after a (very rough) go of Acutane in 2015, my skin is a lot better. But still not perfect at all! One thing I’ve learned is that most of the time, simple is better. When I was younger I would try every skincare product in the world and nothing worked because I was constantly switching my routine.


Growing up it seems like I tried every acne product on the market – and nothing worked. It wasn’t until I did Acutane and it dried my skin out so badly (it’s supposed to – but it’s still awful) and I was forced to use a VERY simple facial cleanser/moisturizer, and I had to keep applying moisturizer like a million times a day. I started using this facial cleanser and this moisturizer, and I still swear by them today!


I struggle with Melasma, or hyperpigmentation, on my face and it is primarily caused by the sun. My dermatologist recently recommended this sunscreen and it has helped tremendously! If you aren’t currently wearing sunscreen every single day, you need to start NOW.


Two things I’ve introduced to my routine recently: this facial scrubber and this facial roller. Both have been absolute game changers for me. The scrubber is made of silicone, so it’s not a harsh brush. It exfoliates without being too hard on your skin, which I love because mine is sensitive! My skin feels SO smooth after I use it. I usually only use it at night when I’ve had makeup on, because in the morning there’s not much you need to exfoliate off. 


I definitely did not understand the hype when everyone started using facial rollers, but I bought one on a whim recently and it is amazinggggg. First of all, it increases blood-flow, which helps your products absorb into your skin. It also majorly reduces puffiness in my face and helps with under-eye circles! It makes my skin feel awake and alive, if that makes sense. Plus it feels so good! I use it morning and night, but sometimes I skip it in the morning if I’m running late!

I know none of this is ground-breaking, but I do get questions about my skin so I thought I’d do a post that you can reference! I’m wanting to add more skincare products to my routine, especially since I’m getting later into my twenties and wanting to get ahead of the aging process 😉 but it can get expensive so it’ll have to be a gradual thing for me! If I try any new products that I love, you’ll be the first to know!

If you have any questions about my makeup – click here!

***PS: I am in no way advising anyone to do Acutane. It is a very harsh medicine that was extremely hard on my body – I still have back problems because of it. It is definitely something I’d consider a last resort option. Please talk to your doctor about any skin concerns before you try anything mentioned in this post.***

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