Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Can y’all believe it’s almost JULY?! Where in the world is this summer going?? It’s crazy to me that we’re already gearing up for Fourth of July soon. Father’s day is right around the corner (less than two weeks away!) so I’ve put together a Father’s Day Gift Guide with some last minute ideas for ol’ Dad! ❤

Michael actually owns and loves a couple of these items!

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  1. Apple Watch Band – Michael has a similar leather band for his Apple Watch and I just think it gives them a really sleek look! They look more stylish when he’s dressed up for work or church. 
  2. Customized wallet – This customized wallet is such a good gift idea! I love anything personalized and if your dad is anything like mine, he’s had the same wallet for 30 years lol!
  3. Best Dad Ever mug – Okay, ever since I was little I had a tradition with my parents where every single night when we said goodnight I said “best mom ever” and “best dad ever” and they would say “best daughter ever” — we still sign our cards and stuff BME or BDE – so this one is personal for me! 💗
  4. Yeti backpack – This is the game changer of all game changers. Michael actually registered for this when we were engaged and it has been one of the best wedding gifts – and would make a perfect Dad gift! It can fit so much stuff and it’s Yeti so it keeps everything super cold. But the main reason I’m obsessed is that it’s a backpack! No more lugging a super heavy cooler around when he’s fishing, at the beach, golfing, etc. Backpacks make everything easier!
  5. Golf balls – The world’s easiest gift for men. They can never have enough golf balls!
  6. Grill tools with personalized wooden case – I thought this was a super cute idea – my dad is a big cooking/grilling guy so I loved this nice wooden case to keep his tools in! And it says “King of the Grill” which is SO fitting for my dad!
  7. AirPod Pros – Michael just got some AirPod pros and he is obsessed. I didn’t get the hype at first because we already have regular AirPods but these are pretty cool. They have a noise cancelling setting and then a setting where it actually enhances when someone’s talking to you. Would be really helpful for a dad who is starting to struggle with hearing!
  8. Best Dad slippers – Just some super cute slippers 😉
  9. Yeti mug – Great for a coffee drinker! We have the one without the handle but I really want one with a handle. I feel like this is a coffee mug that a dad would like because it’s not girly looking, haha!

One other thing I didn’t include in the official list — I just discovered Man Crates and I think it’s the coolest thing EVER. They have so many gift sets for any type of man! Golf, sports, grilling, etc. they have different ones for whatever your guy loves! These are such an easy gift idea because it already comes with everything you need!

Do you have any ideas to add?! What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day?

Let me know if you thought this was helpful – leave me a comment!

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