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Advice for My Younger Self

Have you ever wished you could send a letter back in time to your younger self? I’ve wished that countless times, but I also think there is a reason we go through what we go through in order to grow. Today I’m sharing a few things I would say in a letter to my younger self. If you’re my age or older, maybe you’ll relate! If you are younger, I really hope it encourages you.


Advice for My Younger Self:

  • Be YOU. This is an obvious one, and slightly cliché, but it’s so important especially when you get to college. Don’t dial back how “extra” you are just because you want to fit in. Don’t change the way you dress because you want to fit in. And most importantly, don’t change how you act because you want to fit in. Find friends who appreciate the real you and let you be your fullest self.
  • Doubt is normal. This is a big one for those of us who are raised in the Church our whole life. It is a normal part of your walk with God to have moments where you question why you believe what you believe. Lean into these moments and do your research, talk to a spiritual leader you trust, and figure out how to make your faith your own. If you do this searching on your own instead of just believing what you’re told, your faith will be much stronger as you enter adulthood. Your walk with God is just that — YOUR walk with God. I am thankful for my time of searching, digging, and finding answers for why I believe what I believe, it made me a much stronger Christian.

  • Real friendships are SO important. The older I get, the more I realize it is better to have a few solid friendships than worry about everyone liking you. Not everyone is going to like you, and that’s okay. True, genuine friendship is hard to come by, so when you find it — hold onto it! I am so grateful for my forever friends who I know are there for me no matter what.
  • Don’t waste the now waiting on the someday. GIRL FRIEND. The biggest lesson I learned when I met my husband was that there’s literally no reason that I had to be miserable and sad during my waiting season. Before he met me, he was chillin’ with his friends enjoying life. Then he met me, and it was amazing, and we lived happily ever after. The waiting doesn’t have to be heart-wrenching. You don’t have be so desperate to find “the one” and get married. That will happen eventually, and it will blow your mind!! And then you’ll think, “why didn’t I just trust the process and enjoy the time before this?” Enjoy single life with your friends. [I’m kind of laughing writing this because my younger self REALLY needed to know this, lol.] Hindsight is always 2020, unfortunately. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting the next stage of life to happen, I know! But trust God’s timing for you and know that He’s got you right where He wants you for the current season.
  • Don’t rush into choosing a major. It seems nice to have your life planned out before you finish 12th grade, but it’s unrealistic and most of the time just leads to you jumping into something too quickly before figuring out what you really want. Take the time to enroll in different classes to get a better idea of what’s even out there. Shadow jobs you’re interested in — that’ll help you make your mind up quick! Don’t feel like you have to have a perfect plan ready by day one of college. You spend a LOT of time at work as an adult! Find out what your dreams are, what you love, and figure out how to make that a career. Also read this blog post on why changing your mind is perfectly okay.

What would you say to your younger self, if you could? I think all of us have gone through things that helped shape who we are. Some lessons are learned the hard way, but that’s part of life! I’ve often said to my mom, “it must have been so frustrating trying to give me advice from your experiences and have me not listen!” — Just part of raising kids, I guess. I’m sure I’ll have the same frustration if I have a daughter – especially if she’s anything like me! 🤣

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