Nordstrom 2020 Anniversary Sale – My TOP Picks for Fall!

Hey hey hey! This is my first year ever shopping or blogging about the Nordstrom 2020 Anniversary Sale, woohoo! I struggled with whether or not to share about the #Nsale with you guys, simply because I know it’s being shared by every single blogger ever right now, and also my heart is never to shove commercialism down your throat. I love cute outfits as much as the next girl, which is why I love to share with you guys all my favorite finds! But I never want to make anyone feel like they need all this stuff – you DON’T.

I do think this sale is really awesome for one main reason: most of the stuff on sale is for NEXT season. Normally sales are at the end of the season so I’m not really super interested in buying many sale items, because most won’t be in next year, but this sale is different. It’s basically a preview of next season’s items and a chance to stock up on pieces you’re needing. Most things will still be available after the sale, but at regular price.

If you’re unfamiliar with how the sale works, Nordstrom basically categorizes shoppers into tiers based on whether you’re a cardholder, and if you are, how much you spend annually. The more you spend, the earlier you can shop. If you are not a cardholder (like me!) the sale opens to the public on Aug 19.

I’ve decided to share a few items that I’m eyeing from the sale that are good staples for a fall/winter wardrobe! I’ve broken it into boots, coats, and fall basics since these are the things I’m in the market for right now for my own closet.

Okay, here we go!

1. Boots! I know personally I will wear the same neutral pair of booties every day for the fall/winter months, LOL! That’s the main reason I need a new pair this year. They go with literally everything in my closet so I get lots of wear out of them. I am also going to buy a new pair of over-the-knee boots as well, because they are a really good staple, too! I love the way they dress up an outfit. I included low heel booties, too, because I sometimes opt for those when I’m at work and not feeling a high heel. The dark brown booties are to DIE for – I’m obsessed! I’m picturing them with darker denim and a cozy sweater and I’m in love. These knee-high boots are a go-to as well. I’ve never jumped on the white boots train but I’ve seen them on other people and think they’re so cute! And lastly, classic black booties because every closet needs them!

[tan booties, beige booties, OTK boots, brown leather booties, black booties, white booties, knee-high boots]

2. Coats! I am really thinking about getting this teddy coat shown below. Those are just so cozy and can be paired easily with everything in the colder months! I tried to choose a variety of coats here depending on what your wardrobe is needing. This fur coat is so fabulous! A good leather jacket adds a little bit of flare to any outfit and always makes me feel edgy, haha! I love the cardigan-style coat too for when it’s not so terribly cold but you still need a lighter coat.

[faux fur coat, teddy coat, cardigan coat, leather jacket]

3. Fall clothing! Here are a few sweaters I have my eye on, as well as the CUTEST pair of jeans that look really good with booties! I also included a couple of hats because I’m a big fan of hats right now (tan / gray). They take your outfit to the next level in my opinion! This basic sweater looks really cute off-the-shoulder. You always need a basic long sleeve top to layer under cardigans/sweaters when it gets colder, too. Like this gorgeous little ruana or the oatmeal cardigan! I included these QUAY sunnies because the sale price is just too good! You can tell I’m really into neutrals, LOL. I love the color of that orange sweater, though! SO pretty for the fall season. Last but not least, this color-block cardigan is definitely on my wish-list!

[Oatmeal cardigan, off-the-shoulder sweater, jeans, ruana, color-block cardigan, sunnies, gray hat, white shirt, tan hat, orange sweater]

Realistically, I’m not going to buy all of this from the Nordstrom sale. I rounded up my wish-list but I am going to narrow this list down into just a couple of items — probably boots, a coat, and maybe one sweater! I’ve been saving up to treat myself to some good fall pieces. Gentle reminder: you do not NEED any of this stuff. But shopping IS fun, right?! And this sale is really good for stocking up on staple pieces that are missing from your wardrobe. As far as sizing reference, I’m going to order my normal size (small) in the pieces I do get. If you’re wondering whether something is true to size, you might want to find a veteran blogger who has covered the Nsale before 😉

I will be sharing everything I buy from the sale with you guys, so I will be able to give more detailed feedback on sizing & everything then!

I hope this is helpful to you or that you just enjoyed seeing my top picks! If you’re shopping the sale on Aug 19 like me, may the force be with you!!! Nordstrom is normally pretty good about restocks, so hopefully our favorites will still be available!

Thanks for reading!

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