Toyota Fights Hunger

This week I was honored to partner with Toyota for a very special campaign. We worked together to bring $1,000 worth of canned goods to Feeding The Gulf Coast and I also presented them with a check for $1,000 from Toyota. This was such a fun experience for me and I’m happy to share it with you now!

Since COVID-19 started, there have been more individuals in our area with pressure on their finances. Schools have closed, people are out of jobs, some have had to self-quarantine, so many have faced food insecurities for the first time. That’s where Feeding the Gulf Coast comes in. They rose to the occasion and just since March have distributed nearly 17 million meals to those struggling with hunger.

As if 2020 hadn’t thrown enough our way, Hurricane Sally added to the burdens of many in our area with damaged homes, costly repairs, and other financial concerns. Feeding the Gulf Coast stepped up again and provided 560,000 pounds of food and water to those affected in our area just in five days after Hurricane Sally made landfall.

Feeding the Gulf Coast is an amazing organization doing really awesome things for their community. They mentioned to me this weekend that they cannot do what they do without their partners. I was shocked when they told me that the $1,000 that Toyota donated will provide 5,000 meals to those in need. That’s right, ONE DOLLAR provides 5 meals! Find out more about how you can donate here.

Thank you again to Toyota for partnering with me on this incredible experience, and allowing me to get to know the amazing organization that is Feeding the Gulf Coast.