Mother/Daughter Weekend in North Georgia

This weekend my mom and I took a road trip up to the mountains in North Georgia. It was just me and her, totally Gilmore Girls style, and it was one of the most special trips of my life. My mom and I have a special relationship — we’re truly best friends and I am so thankful for that. Keep reading to find out where we stayed, what we ate, and what we did!


I found this little cabin on AirBnb and while communicating with the owners, they told me they would be happy to have me write a blog post about their place. It’s funny, they checked out my blog and told me they are believers, too! It’s so cool how God works. I always love having a love for Jesus in common with people!

Click here to rent our cabin on AirBnb! They have two – right next door to each other – that are very similar.

Finding the cabin was pretty easy because they told us what to look for. Our map got us *almost* there and then we had to watch for the “Lone Bear” sign! It was like right when we thought we should turn around because we’d gone too far, we found it.

Pullover | Faux Leather Leggings | Ugg Slippers
This was written on the chalkboard when we arrived!
They had these “conversation starters” on the table which we thought were so fun if you have the whole family together!

There was a firepit outside with lots of seating if you were to bring your whole family. It was a little rainy during our stay so we never used it! We did enjoy the fireplace inside though!

The back porch was so beautiful – surrounded by the woods and very private. We couldn’t even see our neighbors from our porch. It came with a grill, which is great if you’re cooking for the whole fam! We ate out every night though.


When we arrived on Friday, we ate at Caper’s On The Square. Oh Em Geeee, it was delicious! It’s a Mediterranean place which normally doesn’t interest me because of my gluten allergy (not many options) BUT this place had gluten free pita! Mom and I shared a big order of hummus with the GF pita and honestly said that should’ve been our lunch – we were so full from just that. Mom got a salad and I got a burger, which they wrapped in the GF pita instead of a bun. We actually ended up taking our meals home and ate them for dinner that night because we legit were stuffed from the appetizer! 10/10 recommend this place.

Saturday, we had a slow morning drinking coffee, then headed to Helen, GA which was about 30 minutes from our cabin. When we got there, I was really wanting to find a coffee shop, so we actually drank coffee for lunch (not uncommon for us, lol!) Later in the afternoon we went back to the downtown Dahlonega area and ate at North Georgia BBQ which was so yum! Mom and I shared an order of wings and fries — fun fact, that’s one of my all time favorite meals.

Saturday night we ate pizza at the cabin! Since we had such a late lunch, we wanted to take dinner back to the cabin and be able to eat whenever. We found a build-your-own pizza place that offered GF crust, so we ordered online and picked it up. My mom had the awesome idea of calling and asking if they’ll give us the pizzas put together but not cooked yet so that we could bake them at home, and they said yes! Moms are so smart! We baked our pizzas later that night at the cabin.


Okay, Dahlonega is the world’s cutest town. We’re actually coming back at Christmas with my whole family because it’s one of the most Hallmark-ish Christmas towns ever! There’s restaurants, antique stores, ALL the dessert places (the fudge is amazingggg) and coffee shops! It definitely had the “Stars Hollow” vibe that we love! (If you watch GG you know!)

Sweater | Faux Leather Leggings | Boots

Like I mentioned, on Saturday we drove over to Helen for the day. We had heard it was a really cute/fun town too, but we didn’t realize it’s German! The whole little town looks just like you’re in Germany. Lots of buildings like this one:

And another thing we didn’t realize until we got there… it was Oktoberfest! Lots of people were dressed up in their German costumes, it was so fun. There was music playing everywhere and it was just so festive. I took a pic with this one girl because she was so cute! She was there with her husband for their anniversary.

Hat | Sweater | Boots

This was the best trip I’ve been on in a loooong time and I can’t wait to take another trip with my mom. The Dahlonega area is so perfect and quaint for a mother/daughter trip, but it is also fun with kids! We went there when I was a kid and it was fun then, too. This place is so special to me and the memories I made with my mom this weekend are priceless.

I hope this post was helpful if you’re thinking of taking a trip to North Georgia! Leave a comment if you’re planning a trip!

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