Gift Guide for the Home

Tis the season for gift guides! When I polled you guys on Instagram stories, most of you said you struggled with buying for your husband and your in-laws. This gift guide is great for either of those — or could work for parents, wife, grown children, etc! This is one of my favorite gift guides I’ve made so far, because it’s all things I think would be a great gift for anyone!

Some of these are a little more boujee than others, so it all depends on your price range. I tried to include a variety of price points!

  1. TRUFF HOT SAUCE — Michael got this as a gift last year and is obsessed with it. He puts this stuff on everythingggg. It’s like fancy hot sauce, perfect for the foodie in your life!
  2. EMBER MUG — This is one of those boujee gifts! It’s a mug where you can control the temperature of your drink. Perfect for the person who always leaves their coffee and lets it get cold (AKA me!) haha some friends of ours have these and they are awesome.
  3. NESPRESSO MACHINE — I think these are so cool, especially if the person you’re shopping for loves coffee! You can make so many fun drinks with these. Whenever I’m at someone’s house who has one of these, I feel like I’m at a coffee shop! This one is on sale, too!
  4. PHOTO PRINTER — This is the perfect gift for MY mom, she is always wanting to print pictures through Walgreens or something — I think she would love having a photo printer at home! It connects to your iPhone so it’s super easy.
  5. COPPER CLOVE CANDLE — I’m a sucker for candles that look as beautiful as they smell. This one is gorgeous!
  6. SCENTED CANDLE MAKING KIT — This is one of the coolest gifts I’ve found! How fun would it be to sit around with family making your own candles?! Sweet memories! Less than $50, too!
  7. POPCORN MAKER — For the person who loves movie nights!
  8. BIRCHWOOD COLLECTION — This collection is so perfect for winter, mixing white pine, fir balsam, amber, all the wintery scents!
  9. FRENCH PRESS — Another option for the coffee lover!

Do you have a lot of your Christmas shopping done already or are you mores last minute like me?! Let me know who you’re shopping for in a comment below!


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