Gift Guide for Teacher Appreciation

Hi, friends! Teacher Appreciation Week is next week! In this blog post, I’m sharing a gift guide for teacher appreciation!

Teachers hold a very special place in my heart – my mom is a preschool teacher and several of my friends are teachers, too. Teachers are amazing. It is a hard job and it takes a special heart to do it. I am so thankful for the teachers I had growing up. Many of them have no idea how much they impacted me!

Teachers are real life heroes.

If you have a teacher in your life, make sure you take this next week to TELL THEM how important they are to you. Especially in 2020, teachers had to adapt to new situations and really work hard to adjust to the changes. So, even the smallest “thank you” will mean the world to them. They deserve it!

Around the holidays, I put together a gift guide for teachers based off of what Alisha (my BFF) recommended – she is a 5th grade teacher! Everything is still available/in stock so sharing this list again in case you are shopping for a teacher in your life!

  1. Felt tip pens — Everyone loves a good felt tip pen, and teachers write all day long so this is a great gift for them!
  2. Backpack — Because teachers carry around all. the. things!
  3. Astrobrights paper — Fun colored paper for activities and newsletters! Alisha said most teachers aren’t able to print in colored ink, so this helps make the hand-outs still fun looking! (See the photo of her classroom below — all of that bright paper is Astrobrights! Teachers love it.)
  4. Tumbler cup — These would be a good gift for anyone, not just teachers!
  5. Markers — I have literally zero idea what this means but Alisha said these are especially good as anchor chart markers.
  6. Bluetooth speaker — For playing music in the classroom!
  7. Cute mask — If you have to wear a mask all day, you might as well have a cute one! I love this “coffee, teach repeat” one!
  8. Lanyard — For classroom keys, badge or ID, etc!
My cute BFF who is a rockstar teacher! 🤩

Other gift ideas are Target gift cards (teachers buy their own supplies most of the time!), nail salon or spa gift card, fuzzy socks, or coffee mug! Share this gift guide for teacher appreciation with someone who needs gift ideas!

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