What I Packed For Disney

Erin Moody, What I Packed For Disney

I’m off to visit the Mouse! We’re headed to Disney World this week and I thought it would be convenient to go ahead and share everything I packed for this trip in a blog post before we go! That way, if you have questions about what I packed for Disney, you can head to this post to find it!

We are so excited for a week of fun with our friends! Michael and I have each been to Disney a couple of times when we were little, but not as adults so we are super pumped to experience it again. Lots of you sent in your recommendations for things to make sure I pack, so hopefully I’m well prepared! Luckily the other couple we are going with, Andrew and Alisha, are HUGE Disney people so I feel like we have our own built-in tour guides! I can’t wait to take you guys along with us!

Jumpsuit (similar jumpsuit option) // Sandals (similar sandal option) // Luggage // Denim jacket

I packed some swimsuits/pool stuff for our “off day” when we plan on hanging at the resort! We planned for the last day of our trip to not be a park day, so we can rest and relax before we trek home! I’ll continue updating this post throughout the trip with more photos!

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What I Packed For Disney & More Ideas!