Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021: My Wishlist + What I’m Shopping For

It’s that time of year again! The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is happening soon! Last year was my first time to ever cover the sale, and it was so much fun! In case you haven’t shopped the sale before, I’ll break it down because it can be confusing.

First, let me start by saying you don’t need any of this stuff. I try to be a resource for you guys IF you decide to shop, but I never want you to ever feel pressured to buy anything because it’s just STUFF. The great part about this sale, however, is that it’s mostly things for next season on sale. Other retailers typically put things on sale at the end of the season, so you wouldn’t be wearing those clothes until the following year and you might not even like those trends anymore. But with this sale, you’re shopping for fall (which is right around the corner) at a discounted price.

How The Sale Works:

The preview has already started – so you’re able to see what’s going to be on sale and start adding things to your wishlist! The sale opens to different “levels” of Nordstrom credit card holders on different dates. When you get to shop all depends on A) if you have a Nordstrom card and B) how much money you spend at Nordstrom. Here are the dates for this year:

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Strategy:

When the preview comes out, I make my wishlist. I add everything that catches my eye that I might want to purchase! My list usually dwindles itself down a bit as things sell out before I can shop, but once it gets close to the date I can shop, I make my final selections from that list! It makes it way easier to be able to prepare beforehand, and mull over which items I REALLY want and which ones I can let go.

Personally, I think the Nordstrom sale is a great time to buy staple pieces that are typically more of a splurge. For me, this is usually boots! Last year I bought the booties I’m wearing below, and they’re back in a similar version this year! I wore these (no joke) every other day last fall. I don’t imagine this year will be any different!

Last year I got the pair of over the knee boots I’m wearing in the photo below that I’m in love with!

A similar version of my Ugg slippers are also included in the sale! I love these all winter long – they are sooo cozy.

Below, I’m linking everything that has caught my eye so far that I think will sell out quickly! As I make my own purchases, I’ll be sure to share everything with you guys! To stay in the loop, make sure you sign up for my email list HERE.

My Wishlist + What I’m Shopping For:

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