6 Halloween Costumes For Couples

Today I’m sharing some Halloween costumes for couples that you can easily re-create! These are easy ones my husband, Michael, and I have done over the years. I would LOVE for you to share your ideas in the comments! Make sure your house is ready to go if you are hosting any fall parties with Amazon Fall Decor Under $50! Okay, let’s get into the costumes! Let me know which one is your favorite.

Hunter and Deer

halloween costumes for couples, moody wife

This is a super easy one, especially if your guy hunts! Just throw on some browns/tans and add a fur vest like this one or this one. I think I got this brown tee at Walmart for like $5! I put my hair in pigtail buns to act like antlers, and the makeup was really easy, too! Shop similar boots HERE.

Top Gun

halloween costumes for couples, moodywife, erin moody

Women’s costume // Men’s costume

This was our second Halloween as a couple but the first one where we dressed up! We were long-distance the first year of dating so we didn’t spend Halloween together that year. I randomly stumbled on this costume at a thrift shop and Michael borrowed his from a friend who happened to have it! The same exact costumes are on Amazon!

Football Fans

Now, I know this costume seems like a “cop-out” but if you ever get invited to a last-minute Halloween party and have absolutely ZERO time to come up with a costume, you can always sport your favorite team gear and call it a costume. It’s still kinda festive and at least you’re dressing up like something.

80’s couple

This one isn’t actually from Halloween, but we used to participate in a kickball league and we had a costume night once! I randomly found this ski suit at a thrift store and it is by far my best purchase of all time. Unfortunately, I don’t have a link for it! I did find a website called Tipsy Elves that has really cute ski suits but they are pricey! You would need to actually be someone who goes skiing regularly to want to invest in one of those, ha! For Michael’s costume, we grabbed some women’s shorts (LOL) and an MTV shirt with some matching neon headbands and called it a win!

Tim and Demi Tebow

This one is kinda specific – you need to be a Florida fan for it to be easy! Michael already owned a Tim Tebow jersey, so I grabbed an old formal dress of mine and made a DIY Miss Universe sash! Fun fact – Demi actually shared this on her Instagram stories when we posted it (fan girl moment!!) haha! You can shop similar dresses HERE and HERE.

Mario Kart

halloween costumes for couples, moody wife

Red costume // Green costume

This was for Trunk Or Treat at Church! We took random boxes and wrapped them in brick wrapping paper and yellow paper to make the props. I drew the question marks! We got green and blue tablecloths to decorate the truck bed. Super easy!

I hope this post gave you some ideas to go on! Halloween is such a fun time of year! Make sure to tag me in your posts if you re-create any of these, I would love to see them!

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