How To Throw The Best Fall Baby Shower

fall baby shower, erin moody, moodywife
fall baby shower, moodywife

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been planning a fall baby shower for my best friend Alisha for months now! The event finally came on Sunday and it was everything I had hoped it would be. Alisha and I have been friends since the 3rd grade and she is such a good, true friend. The older I get the more I realize how rare a friendship like ours really is. She is more like a sister to me, honestly! I can’t WAIT to watch her be a mom! I’ve always known that I wanted her baby shower to be over-the-top because she deserves it more than anyone I know.

P.S. I can’t wait to meet baby girl!!! 💕

I thought it would be fun to do a blog post about the shower because it might be a helpful resource for you if you are planning anything like this soon! I will share all of the vendors I used and any other tips that might be helpful for you. Even if you aren’t local and can’t use these vendors, this can still serve as inspiration for your event!

Fall Baby Shower Decor

In my opinion, decor is the most important part. Everyone in our generation knows that these parties HAVE to have a photo op! Alisha and I have always been big into taking cute photos, so I knew it was important to have fun decor for photos.

I used Macy Made Event Planning for all of the balloons you see here. She did an incredible job. I barely gave her direction, I just sent her some inspiration pictures from Pinterest and she just ran with it. She is amazing! The BABY lights in the front yard are from Southern Lit Events. Both of them came over a few hours before the shower and did all of the setting up. Southern Lit Events came back later that night to take the letters down.

Fall Baby Shower Desserts

It’s not a fall baby shower without pumpkin cookies, right?! I got ours from Simply Sweet Shoppe and they were so great to work with. Here’s a tip! Everyone knows the cute cookies can get pretty pricey. I opted for one dozen – even though we were having almost 30 people at the shower. I compensated for this with a pretty cake! The Publix bakery does really great cakes that taste amazing. I just ordered a “naked” cake that would go with our theme. This 8 inch round cake was $19. So, you can go for less cookies and make up for it with another cheaper dessert! Some guests will eat cake and others will eat cookies, and you save money.

Fall Baby Shower Games

We played the funniest game at the shower. You pass out a paper plate and a pen to every guest, and they all have to put the paper plate on top of their head and try to draw a baby (or whatever you decide the challenge is!) in only a minute. We were DYING laughing at the results. Alisha got to pick the winner! Make sure the guests put their name on the opposite side they are drawing on so the judge won’t know who drew them! My mom won this game, see her artwork below! LOL

Some honorable mentions:

We also played this emoji game. It was really fun, too! I grabbed a couple of gift cards to give the winners.

Fall Baby Shower Food

I really wanted to do a “grazing table” (basically a giant charcuterie board) for the shower. It was a labor of love, and I now understand why people have entire careers creating these for a living because it was not easy! Luckily, my other bestie, Sarah, lives near a Trader Joe’s so she was able to pick up some neat items for the table. I’m still hoping we get a TJ’s here one day, I’ve never been to one! Sarah (pictured above in the green skirt!) was HUGE help in making this shower happen!

We started with some dips and put those in pretty bowls all over the table. We had things like hummus, onion dip, salsa, pepper jelly and cream cheese, and even a chocolate hummus! Next, we surrounded those dips with crackers, chips, and veggies to dip with. I added some meats and cheeses all over the table. At the end of the table, we did more of the sweet stuff like fruit, chocolate covered pretzels, and cookies to dip in the chocolate hummus. I was able to find some dipped pretzels that were apple and pumpkin flavored, which was fun for the theme! Also, if you look closely, some of the chips and cookies are leaf shaped. So festive!

fall baby shower, charcuterie table

I served hot apple cider on the stove and it doubled as a fall scent in my house! I used this spiced cider that Sarah brought from Trader Joes and heated it on low for a while before guest arrived. It smelled up my kitchen really well and also tasted amazing.

What To Wear

Now, the burning question, what to wear to a fall baby shower?! First and foremost, Alisha wore this gorgeous maxi dress from Shop The Mint. Use my code moody15 for 15% off!

My dress is linked HERE. I’ve seen some questions come through about my shoes and unfortunately they are several years old, but I found a similar pair HERE and HERE!

I hope this post was helpful to you! Make sure you save it to Pinterest for future reference, and share it with a friend who might be planning a baby shower soon! Thanks for reading!

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