Christmas Charcuterie Board

It’s no secret that charcuterie boards have been super popular this year. We did a really fun one for my best friend’s baby shower a few months ago! What I’ve really been loving though, is a Christmas charcuterie board! I love when we have friends and family over and I can set out all of the hot chocolate toppings for everyone to fix their own. This weekend, I made a really fun board full of candy, cookies, and more!

Feel free to pin this post to Pinterest for inspiration, and put your own spin on it! We walked down the holiday isle at Walmart and grabbed whatever we saw that looked festive. I knew I wanted to include Christmas M&Ms, Hershey kisses, and Reece’s trees because they are my favorite and the colors look good! I also added a caramel popcorn mix, some chocolate covered pretzels that had holiday colored sprinkles, and some chocolate covered cookies, too. Next, I grabbed some Christmas sprinkles, Ghirardelli chocolate, and candy canes!

After that, it’s all about organizing it on the board in a pretty way. I grabbed a cute mug to stick the candy canes in for fun. There are no rules, so you can make it whatever you want! I promise it all got eaten! LOL

Christmas charcuterie board

Tag me on Instagram if you make a Christmas charcuterie board, I would LOVE to see yours!