Some January Encouragement

some January encouragement

January is my least favorite month of them all. There, I said it. This time of year is weird. So let me give you some January encouragement, friend!

During a month that is focused on new resolutions, fresh planners, and getting organized, I actually feel the least productive. When the holidays are over and the Christmas tree comes down, I feel like my brain shuts off for a month, haha! When you’re a content creator, September-December is WILD. There is so much going on. It’s honestly my favorite time of the year to have this job. To me, it’s so easy to create content because there are pumpkins everywhere, and then Christmas trees and garland! Everything is fun and sparkly. Everywhere you turn is a photo-opp!

Then, January hits and it feels oodly quiet. Like, what do I post about now?! I almost feel over-stimulated from the holidays. It’s not time for Valentine’s Day yet so there isn’t anything festive happening. It’s a strange feeling!

So, instead of feeling inadequate that I’m not on top of the motivational content regarding new year’s resolutions, I lean into the quietness. I move through January slowly, and take time to refocus and reset. I also take into consideration that many people give up social media as a resolution, so I try not to get discouraged when my engagement (likes/comments/etc on Instagram) is not the same as it was during the holidays!

I’ve been doing some goal-setting and reflecting on the past year all month long. After all, who can do that overnight?! I’m amazed by people who have already listed out their resolutions on January 2nd! I love taking the whole month to recoup from the chaos and give myself a breather.

some January encouragement

You Are Doing Great

If that’s you too, you are NOT alone. If you are watching those TikToks of people who wake up at 4:30 to go to the gym (you know the ones I’m talking about) and thinking you don’t have your life together, you are wrong.

I saw a quote recently that said sometimes resting is the most productive thing you can do. Rest does not equal laziness. In order to be your best self at whatever you do for a living, you have to let yourself rest properly.

While it’s tempting to feel like you aren’t doing enough, being enough, working hard enough, I encourage you to not believe that lie. The enemy wants us to be busy and worn down. He doesn’t want us rested, ready to be our best selves. Give yourself grace and take the break that you need. Then we’ll hit February hard!

Please know that you are loved!

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