Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas

It’s that time of year again! I have finished putting out my fall decor and my house is officially ready for all things cozy. This is my favorite time of year for many reasons, but the home decor is definitely near the top of the list. Today I’m sharing some Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas you can add to your home this fall season! The fun thing about decorating is you can do anything you want – it is YOUR space. I have already switched some things around since I took these photos. I am constantly changing my mind, and that’s okay! If you are someone who doesn’t know where to start when decorating, here are some easy tips.


This is a new trick I learned recently. The easiest way to start transforming your home for the next season is to swap out the photos in your home. It will instantly feel cozier if you swap the summer beach photos for ones taken during fall/winter. You can see I added a picture of us at a pumpkin patch, along with others taken during November/December. We also chose to hang photos that Michael took during our Colorado trip. Our frames are 20% off with code 22MADEBYYOU and we printed our photos at Walgreens. This is a really simple way to add a cozy fall vibe to your home!

Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas


This may seem like a no-brainer, but we didn’t realize the difference it would make until we saw it for ourselves. We have a rather large couch, and we always felt like this space was a little empty. This year I bought two chunky knit blankets and added several more pillows. It really adds warmth to our couch and pulls the room together. Don’t be afraid of color! My eye is always drawn to neutrals when I’m shopping but I opted for more warm tones like burnt orange and it looks so much better on our neutral couch.

Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas


This tip is super easy, and one of my favorite pieces of decor every year. Go to your local craft store and grab a variety of artificial sprays. This is where I really get creative with mixing textures and colors. There is no wrong way to do this, so have fun with it! Decide what fall colors you want your home decor to be centered around and make this arrangement the focal point. Get some inspiration from Pinterest if you need to!

Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas


This is another spot in my house where I have fun being creative. I bought a tiered tray several years ago and I enjoy swapping out the decor for each season. See my Christmas tray in this post! I look for small pieces, about the size of an ornament, to add to my tray and it is always one of my favorite things in my home.

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Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas

There are so many easy ways to make your home feel cozy. I hope you will use these easy fall home decor ideas to add some warmth to your space as we transition into autumn. Keep scrolling for more photos of our home that I hope will give you some inspiration as you start to decorate! Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest for more decorating ideas. Make sure you are following me on Instagram, too, because I share a lot there that might not make it to the blog.


Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas
Easy Fall Home Decor Ideas



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