Third Trimester Bumpdate: 30 Weeks Pregnant

Third Trimester Bumpdate

I thought it would be fun to put together a third trimester bumpdate for you since this weekend I will be 30 weeks pregnant! I can’t believe we only have TEN more weeks (give or take) until our baby girl is here! The second trimester flew by, so I’m wondering if the third trimester will go by quickly or drag along as we anticipate delivery.

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Third Trimester Bumpdate

We went to the doctor this week and got to see baby girl on a 4D ultrasound! She would not move her hands out of her face for a photo, so we actually get to go back in a week to try again. We did get to see her little lips and cheeks and ohhh my word, she is perfect! She is already 3 lbs 3 oz which my doctor said is right on track for growth.

I asked you guys on my Instagram stories what questions you were curious about in my third trimester bumpdate, so I will answer a few of those now!

How is the nursery coming along?

Her nursey is coming along really well! We have a crib, dresser, mirror, curtains, a changing pad, and a rug. It’s really starting to look like a baby girl’s room. Sometimes I just stand in there and cry because I am so emotional about her joining us soon! We still need several finishing touches but we are waiting to have a couple more baby showers. We are going to hang her name up on the wall closer to her arrival, since we’re still keeping her name a secret and one of my baby showers is going to be at my house.

I will be sure to do a full nursery reveal, probably after she arrives and we announce her name!

What are things you are doing to prep ahead for baby?

Work-wise, I have been doing a lot of planning ahead with content. I have also invested in some extra help to keep the back end of my business running while I am soaking up the newborn phase. As a blogger, I don’t necessarily get “maternity leave” but I am hoping to pull back from work quite a bit for the first few weeks baby girl is home with us. This requires planning ahead and also being flexible if I’m just unable to post much.

Life-wise, I am hoping to prepare a few freezer meals ahead of time that we can pop in the oven for easy dinners while I am recovering postpartum. I’m actually planning to do a blog post about this soon! I have been gathering meal ideas to share with those of you who might find that helpful. My parents live in town, so they will be around some to help us with meals and things, too. My mom is planning to come to have a deep cleaning day with me to get my house in order before my due date so that we can come home to a clean house! I am so grateful that they live close by.

Third Trimester Bumpdate

Are you feeling nervous about giving birth as you get closer? If so, how do you deal?

I actually have WAY more excited feelings about giving birth than nervous ones. I am just so pumped to have her here, I’m not really preoccupied with the pain I will likely go through to make that happen. I plan on getting an epidural (gimme allllll the meds) and I trust my doctor a ton. I think having a healthcare provider you have confidence in is crucial or I could totally see how this could be scary. But I love my doctor and feel safe in her care. I might feel differently closer to time, but right now I am mostly just thrilled that she will be here so soon! I know that God is always with me, and this will be no different.

Realistically, one thing I do let fear creep in about sometimes is nursing. I would really love to breastfeed, and sometimes you hear that it just isn’t in the cards for some people. But I am educating myself the best I can so that I am prepared, and if it doesn’t happen then we will pivot. Ultimately I believe that fed is best, and there’s nothing wrong with formula at all, but I am excited about and hopeful for breastfeeding. God is taking care of us and I know He will equip me with the ability to feed my child, whatever that ends up looking like.

Another fear that has crossed my mind is how our growing family could affect our marriage. We have such a great relationship, sometimes I joke with Michael that we got more than everyone else — like God gave us “extra love” when he put us together. We are truly best friends and we are each other’s favorite person to be around. I know that having a baby will inevitably change our relationship, but I have been fervent in prayer that we will continue to operate as a team and that we will only grow closer through parenting together.

To answer your question, the way I “deal” is through prayer. Nothing in my life is in my control. This was made abundantly clear to me during our season of trying to conceive. God is the only one who can create life – and He is the only one in control of my labor/delivery, my breastfeeding journey, my marriage, my motherhood journey…He is at the root of it all for me. That fact alone gives me so much confidence and reassurance. I am held in His hands, as is Michael, as is our baby girl. I feel so much peace bringing her into a world where our amazing God is in control and we have access to Him through prayer.


If there is anything I missed that you are curious about, feel free to send me a DM on Instagram so we can chat more! Hopefully, this third trimester bumpdate provided you with some answers about my experience and gave you some encouragement if you are pregnant, too!

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