Some January Encouragement

January is my least favorite month of them all. There, I said it. This time of year is weird. So let me give you some January encouragement, friend! During a month that is focused on new resolutions, fresh planners, and getting organized, I actually feel the least productive. When the holidays are over and the …

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Fashion Lifestyle

Advice for My Younger Self

Have you ever wished you could send a letter back in time to your younger self? I’ve wished that countless times, but I also think there is a reason we go through what we go through in order to grow. Today I’m sharing a few things I would say in a letter to my younger …

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My Worship Playlist

Hi friends! One of my favorite things to do when I'm feeling down and need encouragement, is listen to my worship playlist. Some of the words in these songs bring me to tears, while others make me want to dance! It makes such a big difference in my day if I start it off with …
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